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Olá a todos!! Como foi o fim de semana? O meu foi muito bom! Sábado foi o aniversário da mãe e fomos almoçar ao Restaurante Condestável. O que é que posso dizer deste restaurante? É que é muito mais do que um restaurante! É um espaço onde a simpatia de todos é contagiante e acolhedora, a comida é fantástica e o espaço é diferente e muito original. Um espaço a revisitar no futuro!
Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was very excellent! Saturday was the anniversary of my mom and we went to lunch at Restaurante Condestável. What I can say is this restaurant? It is much more than a restaurant! It is a space where the sympathy of all is catchy and welcoming, the food is fantastic and the space is very different and original. A place to revisit in the future!

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  1. I agree with you that codestavel is best restaurent I ever find in portugal.I have visited many places in the world but found a unique restaurent with new concept of "foods cannot be controled by price"that means I see the menu it was without price.Restaurent was really comfortable for rest with rooms and have a peace moments in life.When I remember the restaurent the taste of plate and the decorations of traditional and antiques comes in front of my eye.
    The combination of dishes with salads and the wine condestavel wow fantastic.Thank you chef Luis suspiro for you great creation and showing a great love in plates and I will visit again with my family to have that dish of rabbit with salad and bife with home made chips.

    1. Kiran I have to agree with every word you said! An amaizing place with wonderful food!! A restaurant to visit over and over... :)